Driving Directions Mozambique

MOZAMBIQUE is a republic located in southeast Africa. It lies on the east coast of Africa, facing the island of Madagascar across the Mozambique Channel with Tanzania to the north, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to the west and South Africa and Swaziland to the south and southwest.

Lagoons, islands, and reefs fringe the coastline of approximately 2,500 kilometres or 1,552 miles.

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Driving Directions Morocco

MOROCCO, in northwest Africa, is strategically placed at the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco lays claim to the territory of Western Sahara while Spain administers the ports of Melilla and Ceuta.

It is a country of diverse topography, climate, and human history whose ancient cities of Tanger, Fes, Marrakech, and Casablanca have long held a fascination for Europeans.

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Driving Directions Mauritius

MAURITIUS is a beautiful island republic which lies in the Indian Ocean some 800 kilometers or 497 miles east of Madagascar. The islands of Rodrigues and Agalega are also part of Mauritius.

Mauritius is a volcanic island with many craters surrounded by lava flows. The central plateau rises to over 800 meters or 2,625 feet then drops sharply to the south and west coasts.

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Driving Directions Mauritania

MAURITANIA is near twice the size of France. Located on the west coast of Africa, almost the whole country lies within the sandy, stony wastes of the Sahara Desert. The only settlements found in this area are around oases, where a little millet, dates, and vegetables can be grown.

There are dry, Sahel grasslands in the south and a belt of fertile agricultural land along the northern side of the Senegal river valley.

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Driving Directions Mali

MALI is a landlocked republic in West Africa. Shaped somewhat like a butterfly with one wing more massive than the other, it consists mainly of level plains interrupted by isolated groups of hills and mountains. It rises to 1,155 meters or 3,790 feet in the Adrar des Iforas Mountains in the northeast.

The northern third lies within the Sahara Desert, which is slow­ly encroaching southwards, and life here revolves around the few oases. Southwest of the real desert lies a region of dry grassland called the Sahel, and this gives way to better-watered land surrounding the Rivers Niger and Senegal and their tributaries.

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Driving Directions Malawi

MALAWI lies along the southern and western shores of the third largest lake in Africa, Lake Malawi. It bounded by Tanzania and Zambia to the north and northwest and Mozambique to the south and east.

This narrow country is only a little over 800 kilometers or 496 miles long and up to 160 kilometers or 99 miles to its fullest. It was formerly the British colony of Nyasaland (“Land of the Lake”) and was given its name by the 19th-century explorer, David Livingstone.

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Driving Directions Libya

LIBYA is a vast, north African country that stretches from the south coast of the Mediterranean to, and in some parts beyond, the Tropic of Cancer. The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya is an oil-rich country, but most of its territory is uninhabited, consisting of a rocky or sandy desert with extensive “sand seas”.

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Driving Directions Liberia

LIBERIA is a republic located in West Africa. Founded in 1847 as a homeland for freed slaves from North America, Liberia is the only African country never to have been ruled by a foreign power.

It has a treacherous coast with rocky cliffs and lagoons enclosed by sand bars, which stretches for 560 kilometers or 348 miles from Sierra Leone to Côte d’Ivoire.

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