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Google Traffic Conditions

Finding locations is still not too difficult if you have access to a map of the area, but we still can’t know about traffic conditions without some help. Google Traffic does exactly that for you;

Google Map™ with traffic conditions. Search for any place in over 50 countries around the World to see its real-time traffic condition. Click here to see detailed Driving Directions.

Use the Choose view menu in the bottom-right corner of the map to display traffic conditions, roadblocks, traffic incidents, satellite map, terrain map, and public transport.

Traffic map

Please note that we can not serve you with Google traffic conditions for the moment. In the meantime, we offer you Here live traffic conditions that you can see on the map above, or we encourage you to try Waze live traffic maps.

What are the coloured lines representing on the Traffic Map?

The coloured lines representing traffic conditions on major highways or streets refer to the speed at which one can travel on that road.

  • The dreaded red lines on the map mean highway traffic is moving at less than 25 miles / 40.2 km per hour and could indicate an accident or congestion on that route
  • Yellow lines on the map indicate that traffic is moving faster, from 25 to 50 miles / 40.2 to 80.46 km per hour
  • Green lines mean on the traffic map indicates zipping along at 50 miles / 80.46 km per hour or more
  • If you see grey lines on the map, indicates that there’s no traffic information available at the time
  • Red-black line on the map indicates extremely slow or stopped traffic

If you’re looking at traffic on city streets, where the speed limits are much lower than on the freeways, the colours take on more of a relative meaning. In this case, red (or red-black) lines indicates a lot of slow going and general congestion, while yellow colour means that the traffic is a little better, but still not the best for your driving directions, and green colour means traffic conditions are good.

Green part is the fastest and dark red is slow traffic. If you see red in most part of the route, then avoid it, better to check alternate directions and take it.

How Google Maps™ make navigating your world faster and easier?

This Traffic Map from Google™ is a free service which is available to the public 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its purpose is to help you to make informed decisions about your journey, by providing up-to-date information about what is currently happening on the roads and forecast traffic conditions. With this Online application of Traffic Map by Google™, you can see if there are any major delays or traffic jam on your route and if so you can make a decision which will hopefully stop you from sitting in unexpected queues in your car. In short: This may mean you choose to travel at a different time or take a different driving direction.

How does Google Traffic Map™ service work?

Traffic density is gathered via crowd sourcing from smartphone users using Google Maps on a mobile application in a route. In a nutshell, Google™ is analysing the GPS-determined locations transmitted by a large number of smartphone users. By calculating the speed of users along a length of road, Google™ is able to generate a Live Traffic Google Map™.

Where can I use Google Traffic Map™ service?

Google Traffic™ is a feature on Google Maps™ which displays traffic conditions in real time on major roads and highways in over 50 countries in the World.