Driving Directions Ireland

IRELAND is located on an island in the eastern part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Situated on the European continental shelf, it lies at the westernmost edge of Europe, to the west of Great Britain. The northeastern corner of the island is occupied by Northern Ireland, which belongs to Britain and is separated from the independent republic to its south by a winding border. Covering 70,280 square kilometers (27,135 square miles), Ireland is slightly larger than the state of West Virginia.

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Driving Directions Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE is a landlocked country in southern Africa. Bounded to the west by Zambia and Botswana, to the north and east by Mozambique, and to the south by South Africa, Zimbabwe is a country with spectacular physical features, teeming with wildlife.

It is bordered in the north by the River Zambezi, which flows over the wide Victoria Falls before entering Lake Kariba. In the south, the River Limpopo marks its border with South Africa.

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Driving Directions Zambia

ZAMBIA, located in central southern Africa, is essentially a massive plateau surrounded by Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania. Bordering it to the south is the River Zambezi, and to the southwest, the Kalahari Desert. It has some other large rivers, including the Luangwa and the Kafue, and some lakes, the largest of Lake Bangweulu.

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Driving Directions Yemen

YEMEN is a republic bounded by Saudi Arabia in the north, Oman in the east, the Gulf of Aden in the south, and the Red Sea in the west.

The republic was formed after the unification of the previous Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen) in 1990.

Several large islands, notably Socotra in the Indian Ocean, Perim in the Bab el Mandeb, and Kamaran in the Red Sea, belong to Yemen. The Hanish Islands in the southern Red Sea are claimed by Yemen and Eritrea in Africa, which lies opposite Yemen across Bab el Mandeb’s narrow straits.

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Western Sahara

Driving Directions Western Sahara

WESTERN SAHARA is a disputed west African territory with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. A thinly populated desert country of rocky plains and plateaux with low hills in the extreme northeast, it is rich in phosphates. Formerly Spanish Sahara, the entire territory has been claimed and administered since 1979 by Morocco, against the wishes of an active separatist movement, the Frente Polisario.

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Driving Directions Vietnam

VIETNAM is an extended narrow socialist republic in southeast Asia that runs down the South China Sea coast. It incorporates the ancient kingdoms of Cochin-China, Annam, and Tonkin.

The country was formerly divided into a Communist north and republican, Western-backed south, but the two parts reunited in 1976 at the close of the Vietnam war.

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