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Google Maps™

Lost on your way in the countryside, looking for the fastest route to a hotel or the most efficient way to get to work? Google maps™ is the nation’s savior when it comes to driving directions and route planning. The biggest satellite imagery, most reliable route planner and the most widely used map service, Google maps is packed with features which can turn travelling from a nightmare into a breeze.

The three most used features are undoubtedly the satellite maps which allow you to explore any area or location from a bird’s eye perspective; the color maps which show you roads, rivers and various geographical features crucial for your travelling experience; and the Street View tool which is the only way to truly experience a city without setting a foot inside it.

Google Maps™

Google Maps and Public Transportation

With Google maps, navigating the public transportation in your city has never been easier. Getting driving directions for public transport (or for a car and walk) is extremely easy and Google™ is constantly working on improving it even further.

Google maps, driving directionsAll you need to do to get driving directions from Google™ is type the origin point of your train or bus and your desired destination. The app will automatically offer you a number of alternatives, depending on the departure of the next bus or train, duration of the trip, and a number of changes (if any).

Most people struggle with directions and Google Maps offers the perfect opportunity for those of us who find navigation a bit of a challenge. You can easily tailor your journey’s specifics and details and create customized directions for any point around the world. Forget about expensive travel maps or compasses – exploring the world around you is on the tip of your fingers, thanks to Google Maps’ driving directions!

And what’s more, the recent updates provide you not just with comprehensive directions on how to reach your destination point but also alert you of any points of interest during your trip. This makes travelling considerably more fun and turns even a short trip into an unforgettable adventure.

Do you need more accurate help for your car travel?

Why not try Google™ Driving Directions now for free?!

What are the lines representing on the Google maps™

The determination of international boundaries around the world can use a variety of criteria. Many of the countries borders are between older states follow physical boundaries; some are mirror religious and ethnic differences; others country borders are the legacy of complex histories of conflict and colonialism, while international agreements or arbitration have imposed others.

Post-colonial country borders on the maps

When the European colonial empires in Africa dismantled during the second half of the 20th century, the outlines of the new African states mirrored colonial country boundaries. These boundaries had been drawn up by colonial administrators, often based on inadequate geographical knowledge. Such arbitrary boundaries imposed on people of different languages, racial groups, religions, and customs. This confused legacy often led to civil and international war.

Geometric country borders on the map

Straight lines and lines of longitude and latitude on the map have occasionally been used to determine international country boundaries; and indeed the world’s second longest continuous international boundary, between Canada and the USA follows the 49th Parallel for over one-third of its course. Many Canadian, American, and Australian internal administrative boundaries are similarly determined using a geometric solution.

Physical borders on the map

Many of the world’s countries divided by physical borders like lakes, rivers, mountains. The demarcation of such boundaries can, however, lead to disputes. Control of waterways, water supplies, and fisheries are frequent causes of international friction around the world.

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