What is Waze?

If we wanted to define Waze, we could briefly say; Google’s free route planning service, which is also the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app (115+ million worldwide). It helps you plan optimal driving directions based on real-time traffic and road information shared by neighborhood drivers, saving everyone time and fuel on their daily commute.

It’s easy to use Waze and great because you provide and receive a wealth of real-time traffic and road information to the Waze community when you drive while running Waze. You can also actively report and get reports of accidents, hazards, roadside checks, and any other incidents you encounter while on the move. Waze users have various alerts, and you can easily find the cheapest gas stations, but you can add friends, share destinations, or keep others informed of your arrival time.

No question using Waze has these undoubted benefits for drivers; knowledge of other drivers’ reported road accidents, traffic jams, speed controls, police checks, and fresh fuel prices at gas stations along the route. A handy feature automatically remembers where your car is parked to help you find your vehicle in a larger parking lot or an unfamiliar city abroad.

Waze map – Live Traffic & Road Conditions

What are the additional benefits of using Waze?

  • Get directions using real-time information generated by the user community
  • Road information submitted by the community: accidents, hazards, police checks, roadblocks, and other traffic incidents
  • English and several foreign voice navigation
  • Live map updated every two days on average
  • Search for a parking space, find your parked car with ease
  • Share your real-time position and arrival time with friends
  • It learns when, where, and on what route you take general
  • Shows the cheapest gas stations nearby or on your route
  • Waze knows the neighborhood, shops, services, and opening hours
  • Navigate to calendar entries with a single click
  • … and much more!

At all times, Waze’s driving directions service is about contributing to and sharing the benefits of “shared knowledge.”

What are you waiting for? Try Waze and the benefits of the user community by planning a route now!

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