Driving Directions Mexico

MEXICO is a vast, densely populated country whose people are Spanish-speaking. It is bounded in the north by its long border with the USA. In the south, it shares a long border with Guatemala and a short­er one with Belize.

The Gulf of Mexico and the northern Caribbean Sea lie to the east, the Gulf of California to the northwest and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest

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Driving Directions Martinique

MARTINIQUE is one of the larger Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles group in the southern Caribbean. It is administered as an overseas department of France. The Lesser Antilles group consists of the smaller islands to the east and south of the Caribbean, which further divided into the Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands.

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Driving Directions Jamaica

JAMAICA is an island state in the Caribbean Sea about 150-kilo­meters or 93 miles south of Cuba. The island’s center comprises a limestone plateau, and narrow coastal flatlands and palm-fringed beaches surround this. The highest mountains, the Blue Mountains, are in the east of the island.

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Driving Directions Honduras

HONDURAS is a fan-shaped country in Central America that spreads out toward the Caribbean Sea at the Gulf of Honduras.

Four-fifths of the country covered in mountains which indented with river valleys run­ning toward the very short Pacific coast. The highlands are covered with forests, mainly oak and pine, while palms and mangroves grow in the coastal areas.

There is little change in temperatures throughout the year, and rainfall is heavy, especially on the Caribbean coast, where tempera­tures are higher than inland.

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Driving Directions Guatemala

GUATEMALA is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, where North America meets Central America. It is a mountainous country with a ridge of volcanoes running parallel to the Pacific coast.

Three of the volcanoes are still active, and the country is also subject to earthquakes. In the northwest, there is a large, low-lying forested area called El Peten, which is located many archaeological remains of the Maya civilization.

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El Salvador

Driving Directions El Salvador

EL SALVADOR is the smallest and most densely populated state in Central America. It is bounded to the north and west by Guatemala, north and east by Honduras, and the south by the Pacific Ocean. A range of volcanic peaks behind the narrow coastal plain overlooks a densely populated inland plateau. Further inland, the land rises to the interior highlands. The Lempa river cuts through the center of the country and opens to the south as a large sandy delta to the Pacific Ocean.

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Dominican Republic

Driving Directions Dominican Republic

The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC forms the eastern portion of the island of Hispaniola in the West Indies. It covers two-thirds of the island, the small­er portion consisting of Haiti. The climate is semitropical and occasional hurricanes cause great destruction. The west of the country comprises four almost parallel mountain ranges, and between the two most northerly is the fertile Cibao Valley. The southeast is made up of fertile plains.

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