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CUBA is the largest and most westerly of the Greater Antilles group of islands in the West Indies. It is strategically positioned at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico and lies about 140 kilometers or 87 miles south of the tip of Florida.

Driving Directions

Cuba is as big as all the other Caribbean islands put togeth­er and are home to a third of the whole West Indian population. It pos­sesses unusual natural subsurface limestone caverns and its rivers tend to be short and unnavigable. The island consists mainly of extensive plains with fertile soil.

The climate is warm and generally rainy, and hurri­canes are liable to occur between June and November.

The most important agricultural product is sugar and its by-products, and the processing of these is the country’s most important industry. Tobacco is also of commercial significance, with Havana cigars being well known internationally.

Most of Cuba’s trade has been with other communist countries and the loss of Russian aid in 1991, when former Russia broke up, has greatly damaged the country’s economy. As a result, Cuba has been trying to increase its trade with China, the Latin American countries and nowadays with the USA.

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