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DOMINICA, discovered by Columbus, is the most northerly of the Windward Islands in the West Indies. It is situated between the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. The island is very rugged and, except for 225 square kilometers or 87 square miles of flat land, it con­sists of three inactive volcanoes, the highest of which is 1,447 meters or 4,747 feet.

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There are many unnavigable rivers, and Boiling Lake in the south often gives off sulfurous gases. The climate is tropical, and even on the leeward coast, it rains two days out of three. The wettest season is from June to October, when hurricanes often occur.

The steep slopes are difficult to farm, but agriculture pro­vides almost all Dominica’s exports. Bananas are the main agricultural export, but copra, citrus fruits, cocoa beans, coconuts, bay leaves, cinnamon, and vanilla are revenue earners. The industry is mostly based on the processing of agricultural products.

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The rugged, mountainous terrain that covers much of the interior is the island’s outstanding physical feature. The Layou River plain at the center of the island bisects the two mountainous regions in the north and south.

Dominica is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, at the Leeward Islands’ midpoint. Whales and dolphins swim in Dominica’s waters, with humpback whales migrating to the area during the winter months.

Did you know about Dominica?

Morne Trois Pitons National Park features the scenic Trafalgar Falls (70 meters /200 feet), made up of two waterfalls that flow together into a deep green pool.

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