Western Sahara

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WESTERN SAHARA is a disputed west African territory with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. A thinly populated desert country of rocky plains and plateaux with low hills in the extreme northeast, it is rich in phosphates. Formerly Spanish Sahara, the entire territory has been claimed and administered since 1979 by Morocco, against the wishes of an active separatist movement, the Frente Polisario.

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In 1976, they declared the existence of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, which has been recognized by most African and Arab states. Moroccan sover­eignty is not universally accepted, and the UN has attempted unsuc­cessfully to oversee a referendum to try and resolve the problem of who should have control of the country.

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It is a developing country with most of the population following a nomadic existence. The bulk of its food imported.

Phosphates comprise two-thirds of the country’s meager exports.

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