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Western Samoa

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WESTERN SAMOA lies in the Polynesian sector of the Pacific Ocean, about 720 kilometers or 447 miles northeast of Fiji.

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It consists of seven small islands and two larger volcanic islands, Savai’i and Upolu. Savai’i mostly covered with volcanic peaks and lava plateaux. Upolu is home to two-thirds of the population and the capital, Apia.

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The climate is tropical, with high temperatures and weighty rainfall. The islands have been fought over by the Dutch, British, Germans, and Americans, but they now have the lifestyle of traditional Polynesians.

Subsistence agriculture is the main activity and copra, cocoa beans and coconuts are the chief exports. Many tourists visit the grave of the Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, who died here in 1894 and whose home is now the official home of the king.

There are some light manufacturing industries, including clothing, and car components fac­tory, which is now the largest private employer and significant export industry.

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