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ZAMBIA, located in central southern Africa, is essentially a massive plateau surrounded by Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania. Bordering it to the south is the River Zambezi, and to the southwest, the Kalahari Desert. It has some other large rivers, including the Luangwa and the Kafue, and some lakes, the largest of Lake Bangweulu.

Driving Directions

The Muchinga Mountains in the northeast reach a little over 2,100 meters or 6,890 feet, with the plateau averaging between 100-1,4000 meters or 328-4,593 feet in height.

The plateau is covered with grasslands and some trees and is home to a typically diverse African wildlife array. There are large game parks on the River Luangwa and River Kafue.

The climate is tropical, modified somewhat by altitude – about two-thirds of the population work in farming at a subsistence level.

Agriculture is underdeveloped and vulnerable to weather variations, leading to food shortages and the need for large quantities of imported food. The principal subsistence crops grown are corn, sugar cane, and cassava.

Zambia’s economy relies heavily on the mining of copper, lead, zinc, and cobalt. The weak market prospects for copper, which will eventually be exhausted, make it imperative for Zambia to develop its vast agricultural potential. The Kariba Dam provides the majority of the country’s power on the River Zambezi, and there is potential for further hydroelectric development.

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The highest elevations are found in the northeast region of the country, which is home to the Muchinga Mountains. The mountains and plateaus recede as the land is cut by the Luangwa River in the east and the Kafue River in the west, both of which are tributaries of the Zambezi, which flows to the south of the country through the wondrous Victoria Falls and the artificial Lake Kariba.

Zambia is landlocked, with no direct access to the ocean. Kasaba, Nkamba, and Ndole Bays indent the coast of Lake Tanganyika.

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