South Korea

Driving Directions South Korea

South Korea occupies the southern half of the Korean Peninsula in eastern Asia. The country is bor­dered in the north by a demilitarized zone, which acts as a buffer between the former South and North Koreas.

The country has a considerable length of coastline bordering the Yellow Sea in the west, the Korea Strait in the south, and the Sea of Japan in the east. Many islands lie off the western and southern coastline, the largest of which is Cheju.

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Seoul Google maps

Seoul is one of the most populated cities in South Korea, and at the same time, this city is the capital of this country. Located in Asia, you may find the city easily with the following GPS coordinates: 37.31N latitude / 126.58E longitude. For routing in Seoul, please check the free driving directions Seoul service below.

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The most Googled products in each country in Asia

Just like earlier, today, in our popular culture, most of the countries are stereotypically associated with certain products or services. Probably you also would think of Germany regarding beer or Mercedes, carpets of Turkey, electronics of Japan, or pizza of Italy.

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