Culinary Map of Europe According to Italy 2015

If you have ever visited Italy, you can definitely agree with me that they have a high opinion about how great their meals are. And who can blame them? Their dishes really are delicious! If you thought your Italian friends boast a little too much about the kind of food they have back home, however, you probably haven’t seen anything yet!

Doubt that? Well, let’s see if you’d still think so after what comes next!

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Driving Directions Italy

ITALY is a republic in southern Europe, which comprises a large penin­sula and the two main islands of Sicily (Sicilia) and Sardinia (Sardegna). The huge peaks of the Alps and the Dolomites form Italy’s northern bor­der with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia.

Towards the mountains’ foothills lie several large lakes, of which the most famous are Maggiore, Como, and Garda. The Adriatic Sea to the east separates Italy from the countries of former Yugoslavia. The fertile Plain of Lombardy lies to the south of the Alps. Numerous rivers rise in the north­ern mountains, and many become tributaries of the great River Po, which flows eastwards and drains the Lombardy Plain before emptying into the Adriatic Sea.

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Italy Google Map

This image shows the draft map of Italy, Europe. For more details of the map of Italy, please see this page below. This image shows the location of Italy, Europe. For more geographical details of Italy, please see this page below. This image shows the flag of Italy, Europe. For more details of the flag of Italy, please see this page below.
Borderline map of Italy Location map of Italy Flag of Italy

Italy Google map

Google maps and detailed facts of Italy (IT). This page enables you to explore Italy and its border countries (Country Location: Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia) through detailed Satellite imagery – fast and easy as never before Google maps.

Find comprehensive information below about this country in its diversity: Google maps, geography, economy, science, people, culture, environment, government, and history – All in One Wiki page.

There is also Street View and free Driving Directions at your service. Your Google Satellite Map Sightseeing in Italy, in Europe, starts here at Driving Directions and

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Rome Google maps

Rome is one of the most populated cities in Italy, and at the same time, this city is the capital of this country. Located in Europe, you may find the city easily with the following GPS coordinates: 41.54N latitude / 12.29E longitude. For routing in Rome, please check the free driving directions Rome service below.

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