USA and the World Map of Dictatorships

Dictators And The United States

Dictators have always been a part of world history, and since the earliest known form of modern civilization to this very day, dictators have had some level of impact on how the world no matter what part of the world map they control.

USA and the World Map of Dictatorships
USA and the World Map of Dictatorships

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Dictators and Their History with the US

Since her emergence as the world power, the United States has had several dealing with dictators from nations all over the world map in her bid to spread justice, equality, and the American dream. The results of these dealings have had varying effects over the years.

From lasting partnerships to rivalries that have lasted several generations, America’s dealings with dictators have given birth to a rough classification of dictators. This rough classification of further analysis gave rise to our World Dictatorship Map.

World Dictators in Relation to the USA

Hated Dictators

It has always been a well-known fact that the United States is the most significant force for freedom in the known world. From overthrowing tyrants and dictators all over the globe to funding rebellions, the US has always been known for its involvement in the putting down of dictators. Some of the countries in this category include Iran, Syria, Bolivia, Venezuela, e.t.c.

On our world dictatorship map, these countries are colored, Black.

Allied Dictators

Contrary to popular belief, however, not all dictators are on the US’ little naughty book. Some of these dictators have even been allies with the US, and still, continue to remain allies to this day. Some of such dictators include dictators from countries like Egypt, Algeria, Libya, and Saudi Arabia.

On our world dictatorship map, these countries are colored Sky Blue.

Neutral Dictators

There are also a select few dictators who are neither allies nor enemies of the United States. These dictators have experienced little to no involvement of the united states in their affairs so far. For some of these dictators, it is because they reside in countries like China and Russia (potential threats the US does not want to aggravate) or are allied with such countries. For others, they are simply dictators that are no real threats at the moment.

On our world dictatorship map, these countries are colored with every other color apart from Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Black.

But why is this so? Why is the US so against some dictators and at the same time in support of others? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.