Fashion Map of Europe 2015

If you used to think Europe was a continent without diversity before, we hope we have been able to convince you otherwise with the many hilarious Culinary Maps in our archives.

If you still have your doubts, however, here’s another hilarious map that shows you just how much diversity Europe has to offer.

The European Fashion Map

So, we know what you are probably thinking right now. How much diversity can Europe have to offer based on fashion alone? Well… why don’t you take a look at the map for yourself?

Fashion Map of Europe 2015
Fashion Map of Europe 2015

Image source: Atlas of Prejudice

Shocked? So were we the first time we saw this map. But while this is pretty much one of the funniest maps we’ve seen, on closer inspection, we came to find the map hilariously accurate!

Breaking Europe into Fashion Groups

After seeing assessing this funny but accurate fashion map of Europe, we decided to break Europe into groups based on the similarities in their fashion trend. Below are those groups:

1. The Accessory Lovers

All over the map, as well as all over Europe itself, you’d find people who have a thing for some clothing accessories or the other. Take Portugal and Shawls or the Germans and their sandals, for example. These countries and these accessories seem to be inseparable.

Some of these accessories lovers are even so into their preferred accessories; it is almost an obsession. Like who even wears capes in this age and time?!

2. The Uniform Wearers

If you thought being attached to certain accessories was strange, wait till you get a load of these guys! So who exactly are the uniform wearers? Well, the fashion map of Europe answers that perfectly as well – Europeans whose idea of fashionable dressing is one uniform or the other.

Find this hard to believe? Just take a look at the Greek and Polish fashion trends and see if you still think so.

3. The Extra Extras

Alright, go back to the fashion map of Europe for a while. Notice any group that doesn’t fit the first two categories? Yes, that one your eye has probably bee stuck on for a while, the fake boobs one. Fashion trends like that are the ones that belong to the “extra extra” category. And there are more of them than you think in Europe! All you need to do is look.

Still, think Europe is a continent without diversity?

When you did think about shawls (Portugal), cigarette ash stains (France), bling (Switzerland), Silvio & Donatella (Italy), woolen sweaters (Ireland), ridiculous hats (United Kingdom), white socks and sandals (Germany), exhibitionists (Norway, Sweeden, Finland), goths (Denmark), mustaches (Czechia), kevlar, fake boobs, funny uniforms (Greece), baggy pants (Turkey), braided hair, mittens or soviet uniforms, which country did you associate?