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Lima Google maps

Lima is one of the most populated cities in Peru, and at the same time, this city is the capital of this country. Located in America, you may find the city easily with the following GPS coordinates: 12.00S latitude / 77.00W longitude. For routing in Lima, please check the free driving directions Lima service below.

When you visit Peru, be prepared that the official spoken language(s) is Aymara, Quechua, Spanish, and the officially used currency is Peruvian Sol (PEN), since 1991.

Lima, the capital city, has numerous population; 9 130 000 counted together with the city’s metropolitan areas. While Lima counts around the inhabitants mentioned earlier, the mother country, Peru, bears 32 551 815 sum citizens spreading on its 496 226,01 sq mi / 1 285 220 km2 territory.

The form of the ruling government in Peru is Unitary presidential constitutional republic, and interestingly note that the people here share the motto: Firme y feliz por la unión (Firm and Happy for the Union), while salute for the national anthem called: Somos libres, seámoslo siempre (We are free! May we always be so).

Google maps Lima, and the satellite map of the city is a free and useful dynamic tool to discover the capital of Peru and the neighboring countries like Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador.

Please look at this country’s information page for a wide range of information such as economic data, population, geographical knowledge, additional Peru Google maps, satellite imagery, etc.

Google maps Lima

Short geographic information for Peru

Peru, in western South America, extends for nearly 1,500 mi (2,414 km) along the Pacific Ocean. Colombia and Ecuador are to the north, Brazil, and Bolivia to the east and Chile to the south. Five-sixths the size of Alaska, Peru is divided by the Andes Mountains into three sharply differentiated zones. To the west is the coastline, much of it arid, extending 50 to 100 mi (80 to 160 km) inland. The mountain area, with peaks over 20,000 ft (6,096 m), lofty plateaus, and deep valleys, lies centrally. Beyond the mountains to the east is the heavily forested slope leading to the Amazonian plains. Peru shares borders with five neighboring countries. In order of shared border length, these are Bolivia (900 km), Brazil (1,560 km), Chile (160 km), Colombia (1,496 km), and Ecuador (1,420 km).

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