The most Googled products in each country in Africa

Just like earlier, today, in our popular culture, most countries are stereotypically associated with certain products or services. Probably you also would think of Germany regarding beer or Mercedes, carpets of Turkey, electronics of Japan, or pizza of Italy.

But those things aren’t always what people search for on the internet using the most known search engine. created a map of the world with the most Googled for an object in each country, using the autocomplete of Google with the following formula: How much does * cost in [x country].

We can’t say that these results are scientifically proven because Google autocompletes results mainly vary based on the searcher’s history and the time of the search. The place of search, etc. – they do say something about how countries are perceived in our minds.

Some of the fascinating (and often shameful)  results are shown on the maps below:

Map of the most Googled search terms in Africa

The most Googled search terms in Africa.

Source of the image:

This map shows the most Googled search terms in the countries of Africa.

Did you believe that these are the most Googled words and terms in the different countries of Africa: Gas, petrol, camel, to ride a camel,  slaves, food, bread, meal, diamonds, land, laptop, food, wedding, cow, goat, build a house, safari, beer.

Other countries/continents that you may be interested in regarding the most Googled products & services; Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Australia.