Culinary Map of Europe According to Greece 2015

Europe has always been a continent known in the Culinary world for its many wonderful cuisines. From the many exotic Italian dishes to the many aesthetic delicacies originating from Spain, Europe is a continent that excels in Culinary diversity.

Not all European countries are known for their Culinary genius, however, and to differentiate these “disappointments” from the Culinary aristocracy of Europe, many tourists have had to use Culinary maps that point out which countries have great foods and which ones are well… disappointments.

Since tourists come from all over the world, however, you can bet that these culinary maps would vary from country to country. After all, a German and a Chinese would most likely have different ideas of good food. Today, we will be visiting the culinary map of Europe according to tourists from Greece, and boy, are you in for a real treat!

From simply looking at the map, you can already tell that Greek tourists have quite the impression of their culinary skills. According to them, they are the ONLY European country with “real food,” possibly even in the world! Can you imagine the nerve?! We aren’t here to judge, right?

Culinary Map of Europe According to Greece 2015

Image source: Atlas of Prejudice

Europe in its Culinary Place (According to Greece, at Least)

If you thought the idea that Greece is the only country that offers real food was funny, then you are in for even more laughs. According to Greek tourists, Europe can be classified into three groups regarding culinary genius.

●    The True Genius

Namely Greece. That’s it. No competition. No nothing. If it is not Greek food, it is not real food. Final.

●    The Counterfeit Geniuses

These are the countries that SEEM to have real food but DON’T. They are all counterfeits. FAKE! Countries who plagiarise greatness! These countries only seem to have good food because they are located so close to Grece on the map; some of the Greek has found its way into them over the centuries.

●    The Disappointments

These are the countries that simply disappoint you! They could have been great, but they found a way to disappoint you! Some have PASSABLE foods but ruin them with awful drinks. Some are nothing but one-trick ponies ─ they have only one good meal and nothing else. Others have pretty much nothing of note to offer. And let’s not mention the REAL disappointment with foods that suck (quick tip, it rhymes with Neverland)! It just so happens that this essentially is the rest of Europe.

So to put it simply, according to the Greeks, real food in Europe can only be found in Greek. Whatever food you find anywhere else is counterfeit greek food, just a disappointment!

What do you think? Would you try culinary austerity (England), tasteless fish (Portugal), mutant pigs (Spain), mushy bread (France), sour beer (Czech Republic), bad milk (Switzerland), coffee with soap (Italy), stale cakes (Austria), stale cookies (Poland), rotten peppers (Hungary) or fart-flavored herring (Sweden)?