Culinary Map of Europe According to France 2015

So the French see the European cuisine

In the twentieth century, before the Scandinavian kitchen and the various fusion kitchens (fusion cuisine, if we combine the culinary arts of different cultures, mix and try to create new dishes), has come to fruition, one of the leading powers of gastronomy was undoubtedly France.

The French are also proud of this and strive to maintain the memory of this period.
Classical French cuisine is varied and varied according to the size of the country and a large number of its regions. Well, yes, the French baguette, the croissant .

But do not forget about the well-known onion soup, eclaire donut, Croque Monsieur sandwich, Coq au Vin (more simply red wine chicken), mustard rabbit on Ratatouille (This delicious single-piece is a great full-length Pixar animation film also commemorates (Ratatouille), if you have not seen it, I recommend it!), fish soup and snails.

The French are a proud nation, aware of their varied gastronomy, not appreciating the culinary art of the surrounding countries. In many cases, they are characterized by a word, property, and diet (funny, but also very seriously).

If we know the cuisine of the particular European peoples, this can in many cases make a smile on our face.

But let’s see a couple of examples from the map:

The other nation, which is famous for its cuisine in Europe, is Italian. Of course, the French do not think so; they think Italian cuisine is simply, in a word: overvalued.

One of the typical dishes of the Russians is the Russian salad, which, according to the French, is not Russian, but the French salad.

The most famous dishes of Hungarian cuisine are goulash soup and roast beef. According to the French, the Hungarian cuisine is characterized by too many peppers. (Here they think of the strong paprika because the Hungarians love the hot foods). Personally, I know the Hungarian cuisine and a good goulash soup I think is unbeatable.

Take a look at the European map below and find out how the French see the cuisine of each region and country!

Culinary Map of Europe According to France 2015

Culinary Map of Europe According to France 2015
Culinary Map of Europe According to France 2015

Source of the map: Atlas of Prejudice

What do you think? Would you try sugar-glazed croissants (Spain), rotten cabbage (France), soggy pastry (Denmark), meatballs inventory (Sweden), ice cube salad (Finland), whole grain uranium (Ukrain), sticky pastry (Turkey), chalky cheese (Greece) or too much pepper (Hungary)?