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MOZAMBIQUE is a republic located in southeast Africa. It lies on the east coast of Africa, facing the island of Madagascar across the Mozambique Channel with Tanzania to the north, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to the west and South Africa and Swaziland to the south and southwest.

Lagoons, islands, and reefs fringe the coastline of approximately 2,500 kilometres or 1,552 miles.

Driving Directions

A coastal plain covers most of the southern and central territory, giving way to mountains in the west and a plateau, including the Nyasa Highlands, to the north. The River Zambezi separates the high plateau in the north from the lowlands in the south before flowing into the Indian Ocean (Mozambique Channel).

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The plateau contains some woodlands with stretches of the steppe, and the mountains to the north and west are forested in part with tropical rainforests, particularly in the river valleys. The country’s wildlife is typically diverse – the major population centers found in the coastal plain and productive river valleys. The country has a humid, tropical climate with the highest temperatures and rainfall in the north.

Usually, conditions are reasonably good for agriculture, but a drought in the early 1980s, followed a few years later by severe flooding, resulted in famine and more than 100,000 deaths.

The vast majority of the people occupied with subsistence farming. Fishing, mainly lobster and shrimp, is an essential source of export revenue. There are significant mineral resources to be exploited – diamonds, coal, titanium, and others, and forestry is another potential source of income which at the moment is mostly untapped.

A lot of industry abandoned when the Portuguese left the country and, due to lack of expertise, was not taken over by the local people. The economy is now on the upturn, although it has been negatively affected by floods, drought, and civil war.

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