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Hong Kong

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HONG KONG is a Special Autonomous Province of China. It is locat­ed in the South China Sea and consists of Hong Kong Island (once a bar­ren rock), the peninsula of Kowloon, and about 1,000 square kilometers or 386 square miles of adjacent land known as the New Territories.

Hong Kong situated at the mouth of the Pearl River about 130 kilometers or 81 miles southeast of Guangzhou (Canton).

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The climate is warm sub­tropical with cool, dry winters and hot, humid summers.

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Hong Kong has no natural resources, and even its water comes from reservoirs across the Chinese border. Its main assets are its magnificent natural harbor and its position close to the main trading routes of the Pacific.

Hong Kong’s economy based on free enterprise and trade, an industrious workforce, and an efficient and aggressive commercial system. Hong Kong’s main industries are textiles, cloth­ing, tourism, and electronics.

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