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HONDURAS is a fan-shaped country in Central America that spreads out toward the Caribbean Sea at the Gulf of Honduras.

Four-fifths of the country covered in mountains which indented with river valleys run­ning toward the very short Pacific coast. The highlands are covered with forests, mainly oak and pine, while palms and mangroves grow in the coastal areas.

There is little change in temperatures throughout the year, and rainfall is heavy, especially on the Caribbean coast, where tempera­tures are higher than inland.

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The country is sparsely populated, and most people live in the west, in and around the capital, Tegucigalpa, and in the Cortes region in the north. Honduras is an agricultural country, but only about 25 percent of the land cultivated. It was once the world’s leading banana exporter, and although that fruit is still its main export, agriculture is now more diverse.

Grains, coffee, and sugar are important crops, and these are grown mainly on the Pacific and Caribbean coastal plains. Forestry is one of the principal industries producing mahogany, pine, walnut, ebony, and rosewood. The industry has increased in recent years, producing cotton, cement, and sugar products for export.

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Honduras, part of Central America’s isthmus, is the second-largest Central American republic, with coasts on both the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. It has four main regions: the eastern lowlands, the northern coastal plains, the central highlands, and the Pacific lowlands. Honduras also has many rivers, some of which have extensive valleys. Honduras is located on the Caribbean Tectonic Plate, near its boundaries with the Cocos and the North American Plates. Consequently, earthquakes are frequent, although they are generally mild.

Honduras has a large northern coastline along the Caribbean Sea and a shorter one to the south along the Pacific Ocean. There are many large coral reefs in the Caribbean of Honduras’s northern coast.

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