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St Vincent and the Grenadines

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ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES achieved its indepen­dence from Britain in 1979. St Vincent is one of the Lesser Antilles Islands situated in the eastern Caribbean between St Lucia and Grenada.

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It is separated from Grenada by a chain of some 600 small islands known as the Grenadines, the northern islands that form the other part of the country. The largest of these islands are Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, and Union.

St Vincent is mountainous, and a chain of volcanoes runs up the middle of the island. One of these volcanoes, Soufriére (1,234 meters or 4,049 feet), is active and last erupted in 1979. The climate is tropical, with weighty rain in the mountains.

Farming is the main occupation on the islands, although tropical storms are always a threat to crops.

Bananas for the UK are the main export, and the country is the world’s leading producer of arrowroot starch. There is little manufacturing, and unemployment remains high. The government is trying to promote tourism.

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Saint Vincent is a volcanic island that still has the active volcano, Soufrière, in its northern mountains. The remainder of the island contains rugged land, except for the lowlands and a valley in the interior, which are home, respectively, to tropical rainforests and Saint Vincent’s best farmland. The Grenadines are generally rugged but low-lying.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are located between the Caribbean Sea and the west and the Atlantic Ocean. Coral reefs surround the Grenadines. An underwater depression called the Tobago Basin lies to the east of the islands.

Did you know about Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

The Windward and Leeward Islands of the eastern Caribbean are named for their relationship to the prevailing eastern blowing winds. “Windward” is the direction from which the wind blows or the side most exposed to the wind. “Leeward” indicates the direction toward which the wind is blowing.

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