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SINGAPORE is a small island republic located just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It became a British Crown Colors in 1867 and attained full independence in 1965 when it separated from Malaysia.

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One of the world’s smallest yet most prosperous countries, it comprises the larger Singapore Island, much of which is occupied by the city of Singapore, and 58 islets.

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Singapore Island is mainly low-lying and flat but with small central hills rising to 176 meters or 577 feet. The nat­ural tropical jungle and swamp vegetation have all cleared apart from a tiny, hilly region, and a considerable area of marshland drained and reclaimed. Singapore has a hot, humid, tropical climate with plenty of rainfall all year, but especially between November and January.

A modern, vibrant and wealthy kingdom, Singapore’s economy based on trade, which carried out through the city of Singapore – one of the most important port cities in the world.

Only 1.6 percent of the land area used for agriculture and most food imported. The country’s flourishing manufacturing industry also relies heavily on imports. Products traded in Singapore include machinery and appliances, petroleum, food and beverages, chemicals, transport equipment, clothes, paper products, and printing. Shipbuilding, international banking, and tourism are also relevant sources of foreign revenue.

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