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PALAU is a small republic in the Pacific Ocean, formerly called Belau or Belleau, which gained its independence from the United States trusteeship in 1994. It consists of a small number of volcanic islands and numerous coral atolls in the Caroline Group about 900 kilometers or 625 miles equidistant from New Guinea to the south and the Philippines to the west.

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A barrier reef to the west forms a large lagoon dotted with islands. Coral forma­tions and marine life here are amongst the richest in the world.

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Most people live on Koror Island, although eight other islands are inhabited – Babelthuap being the largest. Palau chose to become a republic in its own right when the Caroline Islands became part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Farming and fishing provide a basic living, and tourism is a growing export, but the country remains very dependent on the USA for its economic survival.

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