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GRENADA is the most southerly of the Windward Islands chain in the Caribbean, and its highest peak at 838 meters or 2,750 feet is Mount St Catherine. Its territory includes the southern Grenadine Islands to the north.

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The main island consists of the remains of extinct volcanoes and has an attractive wooded landscape. In the dry season, its typical climate is delightful with warm days and cool nights, but it is hot, day and night, in the wet season.

Agriculture is the island’s main industry, and the chief crops grown for export are citrus fruits, cocoa beans, nutmeg, bananas, and mace. Other crops grown are cloves, cotton, coconuts, and cinnamon.

Apart from the processing of its crops, Grenada has few manufacturing industries. It is a popular port of call for cruise ships and tourism is an important source of foreign revenue.

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The country consists of Grenada’s island, the most southerly of the Windward Islands; the islands of Carriacou, Ronde, Petit Martinique to the north; and several smaller islets of the Grenadines. (The remaining islands of the Grenadines extend north to form part of the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.)

Grenada is in the southeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea.

Did you know about Grenada?

The wreck of the S.S. Bianca C, the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, lies near Grenada.

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