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GREENLAND (Kalaallit Nunaat) is the largest island in the world (dis­counting continental landmasses). It lies mainly within the Arctic Circle, off the northeast coast of Canada. Its vast interior mostly covered with a permanent ice cap that has a known thickness of up to 3,300 meters or 11,000 feet.

Driving Directions

The ice-free coastal strips are characterized by largely barren mountains, rising to Gunnbjorn at 3,700 meters or 12,140 feet in the southeast. Glaciers flow into deeply indented fjords, which are fringed by many islands, islets, and icebergs. Of the small ice-free fringe, only about a third (150,000 square kilometers or 58,000 square miles) can be classed as being inhabited – mainly in the southwest.

The largely Eskimo (Inuit) population is heavily dependent on fishing for its livelihood, and fish account for 95 percent of exports. There is some sheep farm­ing and mining of coal and mineral resources include iron ore, lead, zinc, uranium, and molybdenum.

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