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Falkland Islands

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FALKLAND ISLANDS (Islas Malvinas) are situated in the South Atlantic about 650 kilometers or 410 miles east of southern Argentina. They are a British Crown Colony consisting of two large islands (West and East Falkland), separated by the 16-kilometer or 10-mile-wide Falkland Sound and surrounded by some 200 smaller islands. In 1982, the islands were invaded by Argentina, who had long laid claim to these Islas Malvinas’, only to be recaptured by a British marine task force a few months later.

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The main economic activity is sheep farming with open grazing on the windswept, treeless, rugged moorland that rises to over 700 meters or 2,295 feet on both main islands. The highest point is Mount Usborne at 705 meters. Substantial income has been gained over recent years from the sales of licenses to permit foreign trawlers to fish in the Falklands exclusion zone. There are also considerable offshore oil reserves available.

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