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Equatorial Guinea

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EQUATORIAL GUINEA lies about 200 kilometers or 124 miles north of the Equator on the hot, humid coast of West Africa. The country consists of a square-shaped mainland area (Mbini) with its few small offshore islets and the islands of Bioko and Pagalu (Annobon). The mainland has a densely forested, rolling landscape broken by some hills. Bioko is a very fertile volcanic island with two high mountains, steep slopes, and a tropical jungle. The capital, Malabo, is situated beside a volcanic crater flooded by the sea.

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The climate is tropical, with plentiful rainfall all year and hot, humid conditions. Wildlife species are varied and abundant in the forests. Most people are engaged in agriculture. Coffee and timber are produced for export on the mainland, while Bioko is the center of its cocoa production.

There is potential for a successful tourist industry. The country achieved independence in 1968, but ongoing political unrest and internal strife have hampered its economy and further development.

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The sandy coastal plain of Río Muni rises to the low hills and spurs of the Crystal Mountains. East of the mountains, most of the country is a large plateau covered by tropical rainforest. The islands are all volcanic in origin.

The Bight of Biafra separates the mainland from the islands. The Bight is part of the broad Gulf of Guinea, from which the country takes its name. The Gulf is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.

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