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The BAHAMAS consists of an archipelago of 700 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida’s southeast coast. The largest island is Andros (4,144 square kilometers or 1,600 square miles), but most islanders live on Grand Bahama or New Providence, where the capital, Nassau, lies. Winters in the Bahamas are mild and summers warm. The most rain falls in May, June, September, and October, and thunderstorms are frequent in summer. The islands are also subject to hurricanes and other tropical storms.

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The Bahamas have few natural resources, and for many years fishing and small-scale farming (citrus fruits and vegetables) were the only ways to make a living. However, tourism, which employs almost half of the workforce, is the most important industry. It continues developing on a vast scale and about three million tourists, mainly from the USA and the other countries of North America, visit the Bahamas each year. Offshore banking is also a growing source of income for the country.

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The Bahamas encompass roughly seven hundred islands, as well as some two thousand rock formations, islets, and cays (pronounced keys, or low-lying islands ). Nassau, the Bahamas capital, is located on New Providence Island, which occupies a central position in the archipelago (island chain) and is the most densely populated. Collectively, the rest of the inhabited Bahamas islands are known as the Family Islands. Most of these land masses are long, narrow, and fringed by coral reefs.

The Bahamas are spread over approximately 233,000 square kilometers (90,000 square miles) of water in the southwestern portion of the North Atlantic Ocean, between the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea.

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