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TUVALU, located just north of Fiji in the South Pacific, consists of nine coral atolls. The group was formerly known as the Ellice Islands, and the main island and capital are Funafuti. Tuvalu became independent in 1978.

Driving Directions

The climate is tropical, with an annual average rainfall of 3,050 milli­meters or 120 inches.

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Coconut palms are the main crop, and fruit and vegetables are grown for local consumption. Sea fishing is excellent and mostly unexploited, although licenses have been granted to Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea to fish the local waters.

Revenue comes from copra, the country’s only export product, foreign aid, the sale of elaborate postage stamps to philatelists, and income sent home from Tuvaluans who work abroad.

English and Tuvaluan are both spoken by the Polynesian population, and there is an airport situated on Funafuti Atoll.

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