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MICRONESIA was formerly part of the US-administered UN Trust Territory of the Pacific, known as the Caroline Islands, and became independent in 1990. This self-governing republic consists of around 600 islands in the Caroline Islands Archipelago, scattered across the western Pacific Ocean roughly 4,025 kilometers or 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii.

There are four states: Yap, Chuuk (was Truk), Pohnpeé, and to the extreme east, Kosrae.

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The climate is tropical maritime, with high temperatures and rainfall all-year-round but a pronounced precipitation peak between July and October.

Independence from the USA was formally gained in 1990, but the decision to terminate their trusteeship was taken long before in 1978. However, Micronesia remains heavily dependent upon US aid, and some of its natural resources – timber, tuna, minerals from the sea – are not used to their full benefit.

There are significant phosphate deposits, but the island’s isolation restricts development.

Tourism is a growing trade, but the economy of the region remains fragile.

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Micronesia’s country covers the second-largest land and sea area in the region, which is also known as Micronesia. Its four states consist of four major island groups. From east to west, they are Kosrae, Pohnpei (Ponape), Chuuk (formerly Truk), and Yap Islands. The territory comprises 607 islands, including mountainous islands of volcanic origin and coral atolls, forty of which are a significant size. Only sixty-five of the islands are inhabited. The outer islands of all states are mainly coral atolls. The primary economic activities are subsistence farming and fishing. Tourism is an emerging industry, catering mostly to sport scuba divers; geographical isolation and a lack of adequate lodging and infrastructure hinder development.

The Pacific Ocean surrounds the nation of Micronesia. The Truk Lagoon is one of the largest enclosed lagoons globally, encircled by a 225-kilometer- (140-mile-) long barrier reef and covering an area of 2,129 square kilometers (822 square miles). Ports and harbors are located at Colonia (Yap), Kolonia (Pohnpei), Lele (Kosrae), and Moen (Chuuk).

Did you know about Micronesia?

Oceania refers to the islands in the region covering the central and southern Pacific Ocean and its adjacent seas. This region’s boundaries are the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the southern tip of New Zealand. The region known as Micronesia, a division of Oceania in the western Pacific Ocean, includes the islands east of the Philippines and north of the equator. The Caroline, Marshall, Mariana, and the Gilbert Islands are all a part of Micronesia.

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