Hitchhiker’s Guide Map to The Arab Spring

Ever heard of The Arab Spring? If yes, then you probably agree that it has to be one of the most powerful uprisings in recent years.

Having lasted for over 3 years, with almost the entirety of Northern Africa and the Middle East enveloped in the protest, the Arab Spring was no little affair. It all started with a blaze… literally – a man burnt himself to death. It didn’t get any less intense from there.

With such a dramatic event starting up the uprising and spreading over so many countries across the map, you can bet this was no half-hearted attempt at revolution that just died down without bringing about some sort of change or the other. In fact, you could even say the Uprising was largely successful for many countries.

This wasn’t the case for all countries, though. In fact, for some countries, you could even call it a colossal failure!

Which countries had a successful Arab Spring? Which countries didn’t? Which countries were just… meh? This hitchhiker’s map to the Arab Spring answers these questions perfectly.

Hitchhiker’s Guide Map to The Arab Spring
Hitchhiker’s Guide Map to The Arab Spring

Image source: Alphadesigner.com

As said earlier, the result of the Arab Spring didn’t leave every country that participated in it with the same lot. Some were successful, some were not. Based on this fact, the countries involved in the Arab Spring can be divided into 3 categories.

1. The Success Stories

In this category, we have those countries that succeeded. They came, they saw, they conquered. They fought the good fight and ripped all the rewards. These countries protested and/or revolted against some terrible injustice or the other, and their efforts paid off – they got the positive change they wanted.

On the Hitchhiker’s Map to the Arab Spring, these countries are the ones painted a deep green.

2. The Mehs

Alright, in defense of the countries in this category, it’s not like their efforts were unimpressive (well, not all of them at least, some of them actually were). It’s just that compared to what some of the other countries were fighting for (child butchering in Syria, for example), these countries weren’t really fighting for much. This was probably why they didn’t gain much of a change from the whole ordeal, and their protests didn’t last long. Then again, at least they didn’t lose much either.

On the Hitchhiker’s Map to the Arab Spring, these countries are the ones painted lighter shades of green.

3. The Trend-huggers

As it is with basically every trend in existence, there are always people who join these trends simply because everyone is doing it. They think “well, everyone is doing it, why don’t we”? This category contains countries that joined the Arab Spring for similar reasons. They didn’t really need to, but they did anyway. Some of these countries got a good deal out of it, while others… well, things only got worse for them.

On the Hitchhiker’s Map to the Arab Spring, these countries are painted in the non-green colors.