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BARBADOS is the most easterly island of the West Indies and lies well outside the islands that make up the Lesser Antilles. Mainly surrounded by coral reefs, most of the island is low-lying, and only in the north does it rise to 336 meters or 1,104 feet at Mount 4 Hillaby.

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The climate is tropical, but the northeast trade winds’ cooling effect prevents the temperatures from rising above 30°C or 86°F. There are only two seasons, the dry and the wet when rainfall is weighty. At one time, the economy depended almost exclusively on sugar production and its by-products molasses and rum. Although the industry is now declining, sugar is still the principal export. More recently, deposits of natural gas and petroleum discovered, and fishing is an important activity.

There are industries manufacturing furniture, clothing, electrical and electronic equipment. The island surrounded by pink and white sandy beaches, coral reefs. They are visited by around 400,000 tourists each year. Tourism has now taken over as the main industry and employs approximately 40 percent of the island’s labor force.

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A series of terraces rising from the west coast to a central ridge, culminating in Mount Hillaby in the north-central part of the island. Hackleton’s Cliff, at the eastern edge of the island’s central plateau, extends over several miles. South and east of this elevated area are the smaller Christ Church Ridge. The St. George Valley separates Hackleton’s Cliff from Christ Church Ridge.

Barbados’ western coast borders the Caribbean Sea, and its eastern coast borders the North Atlantic Ocean. The low-lying island is almost totally ringed with undersea coral reefs.

Did you know about Barbados?

Barbados was once two separate islands. A shallow sea, at the site of the present-day St. George Valley, divided the large ridge of Mount Hillaby from the smaller Christ Church Ridge to the south.

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