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SOLOMON ISLANDS is an archipelago of several hundred islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Formerly a British Territory, the Solomon Islands became an independent state in 1978.

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The six main islands have rainforest-covered volcanic mountains, deep narrow valleys, and coastal belts lined with coconut palms and ringed by reefs. Most of the smaller islands are coral atolls in various stages of development.

The climate is equatorial. Most people live in small settlements along the coast of the large islands and rely on subsistence farming, with taro, rice, bananas, and yams being the main crops. Agriculture, including forestry and fisheries, is the mainstay of the economy, and the principal exports are timber, fish, copra, and palm oil.

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The Solomon Islands is an archipelago formed by the exposed peaks of a submerged mountain chain. This chain extends from Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea to the northern islands of Vanuatu. The Solomon Islands nation covers the central islands of this chain. Almost all of the larger islands are volcanic in origin and are covered with steaming rainforests and mountain ranges intersected by narrow valleys. Most of the smaller islands are low coral atolls. The Solomon Islands lies on the Transitional Zone along the edge of the Pacific and Australian Tectonic Plates. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are common.

The Pacific Ocean lies to the north and east of the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Sea is southwest of the islands, and the Coral Sea is directly south. The Expanses of coral reefs surround the Solomon Islands. Unfortunately, much of the coral barrier is dead or dying.

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Oceania is a term that refers to the islands in the region that covers the central and south Pacific Ocean and its adjacent seas. The north-south boundaries for the region are the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the southern tip of New Zealand.

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