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MAURITIUS is a beautiful island republic which lies in the Indian Ocean some 800 kilometers or 497 miles east of Madagascar. The islands of Rodrigues and Agalega are also part of Mauritius.

Mauritius is a volcanic island with many craters surrounded by lava flows. The central plateau rises to over 800 meters or 2,625 feet then drops sharply to the south and west coasts.

Driving Directions

The climate is hot and humid, with southwesterly winds bringing heavy rain in the uplands and the possibility of cyclones from December to April.

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The island has well-watered fertile soil, ideal for the sugar plantations that cover 45 percent of the island. Although the export of molasses and sugar still dominates the economy, diversification is being encouraged – other crops such as tea, tobacco, peanuts, and veg­etables grown.

The clothing and electronic equipment industries are becoming increasingly essential and tourism is now the third-largest source of foreign exchange.

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