Macedonia's flagLocation: Southeast Europe
Official name: Republic of Macedonia
Formation (date of independence / date current borders were established): 1991 / 1991
Capital city: Skopje
Population: 2 million / 201 people per sq mile (78 people per sq km)
Total land area: 9781 square miles (25,333 square km)
Language(s) spoken: Macedonian (official language), Albanian (official language), Turkish, Romani, Serbian
Main religions: Orthodox Christian 65%, Muslim 29%, Roman Catholic 4%, Other 2%
Ethnic mix: Macedonian 64%, Albanian 25%, Turkish 4%, Roma 3%, Other 2%, Serb 2%
Government type: Mixed presidential-parliamentary system
Currency: Macedonian denar = 100 deni
Literacy rate: 97%
Calorie consumption (daily per person): 2983 kilocalories

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