Map of Europe According to Austria

Here’s a statement of fact – Austrians are a grumpy lot. Of course, that is not to say that every Austrian existence is grumpy, just that most are. If you were to select about a hundred Austrians randomly, you could bet that more than 70 of them would be grumpy people (and you probably wouldn’t lose the bet!)

Think that’s a bit of an overgeneralization? Challenge accepted! Let’s see if we don’t win you over after you set your eyes on the funny map below.

Map of Europe According to Austria
Map of Europe According to Austria

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See what we are talking about? If this doesn’t scream grumpy to you, what does?

Seriously, most funny maps usually look somewhat like this – some persons recreating maps of countries or continents, for example, by replacing the original names on those maps with their preferred tags. Most of these tags are usually hilarious, as we can see here, but very few are this grumpy.

Not convinced about the Austrians being a grumpy lot yet? Well, let’s take a more detailed look at the funny map above.

2 Signs on the Map that Show that Austrians are a Grumpy Lot

1.    The Snubiness

Quick question, when you think of Spain, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How about the second? Third? How about the tenth?

Now, at what position did the words “Noisy Peasants” come to mind? None, right? Good.

Now let’s repeat the process, but this time with Portugal. When did the word “Beggars” come to mind? Not at all, right? Exactly! If you were a grumpy Austrian, those would be the first words to come to your mind!

2.    The Accusations

If there were ever a telltale sign of grumpiness, it would have to be accusing one’s neighbors. From what we can see on that map, the Austrians are guilty yet again!

Six times! That’s the number of times the word thieves was used in that funny map. Six! And that’s just the first accusation. Let’s not include the “Fake Scandinavia” and the “Bad Skiers” accusations. If that doesn’t scream grumpy, then we don’t know what does.

See why they are considered a grumpy lot now?

Grumpy or not, however, you must admit that the Austrians are great people when you warm up to them. Disagree with us? That’s another bet we’d like to make! Just try paying a visit to the part of the map tagged “4th Reich” and see if you would fall in love with the grumpy lot!