Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the no. 2nd contiguous open water surface on earth. It has a huge, 29,637,900 square mile (76,762,000 square km) area and 12,88 square feet (3,926 square meters) average depth. The Atlantic Ocean’s greatest known depth is 30,246 feet (9,219 meters), which can be found at Puerto Rico Trench.

Community of Democracies

The Community of Democracies (CD) was established on 27 June 2000 “to respect and uphold core democratic principles and practices,” including free and fair elections, freedom of speech and expression, equal access to education, the rule of law, and freedom of peaceful assembly.


Location: North Africa Official name: Kingdom of Morocco Formation (date of independence / date current borders were established): 1956 / 1969 Capital city: Rabat Population: 32.4 million / 188 people per sq mile (73 people per sq km) Total land area: 172,316 square miles (446,300 square km) Language(s) spoken: Arabic (official language), Tamazight (Berber), French, … Read more