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BERMUDA consists of a group of 150 small islands in the western Atlantic Ocean. It lies about 920 kilometers or 572 miles east of Cape Hatteras on the coast of the USA. The hilly limestone islands are the caps of ancient volcanoes rising from the sea bed. The main island, Great Bermuda, is linked to the other islands by bridges and causeways.

Driving Directions

The climate is warm and humid with rain spread evenly throughout the year but with the risk of hurricanes from June to November. Bermuda’s chief agricultural products are fresh vegetables, bananas, and citrus fruit but 80 percent of food requirements imported. Many foreign banks and financial institutions operate from the island, taking advantage of the lenient tax laws.

Other industries include ship repair and pharmaceuticals. Bermuda’s proximity to the USA and its pleasant climate have led to a flourishing tourist industry.

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