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Moscow weather map

Flag of Russia

Welcome to the weather map and weather forecast of Moscow, Russia.

Some short facts about Russia

Capital city: Moscow
Area: 17,100,000.0 square km, located in continent: Europe
Population: 140,702,000
Languages: Russian (ru), Tatar (tt), Kalmyk (xal), Caucasian languages (cau), Adyghe (ady), Komi (kv), Chechen (ce), Tuvinian (tyv), Chuvash (cv), Udmurt (udm), Altaic languages (tut), Mansi (mns), Buriat (bua), Erzya (myv), Moksha (mdf), Mari (Russia) (chm), Bashkir (ba), Ingush (inh), Altaic languages (tut), Kabardian (kbd), Karachay-Balkar (krc), Avaric (ava), Yakut (sah), Nogai (nog)
Currency: Ruble (RUB)

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Google map of Moscow showing temperature (unit C) and cloud conditions

Weather forecast for Moscow


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