A kind of popular Algerian music developed in the 1920s by poor urban children is fast-paced with danceable rhythms. It was sometimes used as a form of rebellion to expose political unhappiness.

Red Sea

The Red Sea is the no. 17th contiguous open water surface on earth. It has a huge, 169,1 square mile (438 square km) area and 1,611 square feet (491 square meters) average depth. The Red Sea’s greatest known depth is 7,254 feet (2,211 meters), which can be found at Off Port Sudan.


A movement in western Europe beginning in 1517, when many Christians broke away from the catholic church and started protestant churches. this led to mutual hostility and religious wars that tore apart Europe.


A “human construct” that is often of considerable size has substantial internal unity or homogeneity and differs in significant respects from adjoining areas.