Rabies is a viral disease of mammals usually transmitted through an infected animal’s bite, most commonly dogs.


Racism: the belief that one’s own racial group is superior to others.


A kind of popular Algerian music developed in the 1920s by poor urban children is fast-paced with danceable rhythms. It was sometimes used as a form of rebellion to expose political unhappiness.

Rain forest

A forest region located in the tropical zone with a heavy concentration of different species of broadleaf trees.

Rain shadow

The land on the leeward side of hills or mountains gets little rain from the descending dry air.


The British rule in India lasted for nearly 200 years, from 1857 to 1947.


An Islamic practice of month-long fasting from sunup to sundown.

Raw materials

The basic materials, such as minerals or wood, used to make a product.


An extended period of decline in general business activity.

Red army

The name of the Soviet Union’s military.

Red Sea

The Red Sea is the no. 17th contiguous open water surface on earth. It has a huge, 169,1 square mile (438 square km) area and 1,611 square feet (491 square meters) average depth. The Red Sea’s greatest known depth is 7,254 feet (2,211 meters), which can be found at Off Port Sudan.

Refined oil

The oil has been treated to remove water and other impurities to separate gasoline and diesel fuels.


A movement in western Europe beginning in 1517, when many Christians broke away from the catholic church and started protestant churches. this led to mutual hostility and religious wars that tore apart Europe.


Refugee: a person who has fled to another country searching for safety because of war or political or religious oppression.


A music style developed in Jamaica in the 1960s and is rooted in African, Caribbean, and American music, often dealing with social problems and religion.


Regime: a particular government or system of government.


A “human construct” that is often of considerable size has substantial internal unity or homogeneity and differs in significant respects from adjoining areas.