East China Sea

The East China Sea is the no. 12th contiguous open water surface on earth. It has a huge, 482,3 square mile (1,249,200 square km) area and 617 square feet (188 square meters) average depth. The East China Sea’s greatest known depth is 9,126 feet (2,782 meters), which can be found at 25 16 N.

East Timor

Location: Southeast Asia Official name: the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste Formation (date of independence / date current borders were established): 2002 / 2002 Capital city: Dili Population: 1.2 million / 213 people per sq mile (82 people per sq km) Total land area: 5756 square miles (14,874 square km) Language(s) spoken: Tetum (Portuguese/Austronesian) (official language), … Read more