Culinary Map of Europe According to France 2015

So the French see European cuisine.

In the twentieth century, before the Scandinavian kitchen and the various fusion kitchens (fusion cuisine, if we combine the culinary arts of different cultures, mix and try to create new dishes), has come to fruition, one of the leading powers of gastronomy was undoubtedly France.

The French are also proud of this and strive to maintain the memory of this period.
Classical French cuisine varies according to the size of the country and the large number of its regions. Well, yes, the French baguette, the croissant.

But do not forget about the famous onion soup, eclair donut, Croque Monsieur sandwich, Coq au Vin (more simply red wine chicken), mustard rabbit on Ratatouille (This delicious single-piece is a tremendous full-length Pixar animation film also commemorates (Ratatouille), if you have not seen it, I recommend it!), fish soup and snails.

The French are a proud nation, aware of their varied gastronomy, not appreciating the culinary art of the surrounding countries. In many cases, they are characterized by a word, property, and diet (funny but very serious).

If we know the cuisine of a particular European people, this can, in many cases, put a smile on our faces.

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Culinary Map of Europe According to Greece 2015

Europe has always been a continent known in the Culinary world for its many wonderful cuisines. From the many exotic Italian dishes to the many aesthetic delicacies originating from Spain, Europe is a continent that excels in Culinary diversity.

Not all European countries are known for their Culinary genius, however, and to differentiate these “disappointments” from the Culinary aristocracy of Europe, many tourists have had to use Culinary maps that point out which countries have great foods and which ones are well… disappointments.

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Culinary Map of Europe According to Italy 2015

If you have ever visited Italy, you can agree that they have a high opinion about how great their meals are. And who can blame them? Their dishes are delicious! If you thought your Italian friends boast a little too much about the kind of food they have back home, you probably haven’t seen anything yet!

Doubt that? Well, let’s see if you’d still think so after what comes next!

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Map of 12 Ways to Break the USA

Ah, the age-old European tradition of poking fun at the geography skills of our dear American friends. It’s a pastime as old as time, rooted in the sense of historical superiority and the belief that the Old World is the center of the universe. But let’s not forget that many Europeans can hardly point to … Read more